Client: Active Minds
Role: Research and Illustration

Art activities are a powerful tool in the quest to improve the daily quality of life of people living with dementia. As a non-verbal form of expression it provides an accessible outlet for creativity, stirring memory and enabling personal choice and preference.

Paint Project is unique painting book developed by Active Minds in partnership with Barchester Healthcare. It contains images that are timeless, ageless and universal, helping to bring back memories of childhood or of special times spent with children or grandchildren, which can facilitate a sense of self and familiarity.

I was invited by Active Minds to design and illustrate Paint Project. It was a collaborative process throughout, therefore I was responsible for both creating the product as well as rigorously testing it in selected carehomes.

Each book has a selection of 40 clear, simple outline drawings which can be easily torn out. With just a brush and some paint all users, as individuals or part of a group activity, can enjoy the satisfaction of creating beautiful images without assistance. Easily photocopied for group sessions, Paint Project is an effective and reusable tool for anyone wanting to provide engaging and meaningful activities for people living with dementia.